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Mother and Child

Hand painted porcelain.

origin: Germany

period: 19th / 20th century

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origin: France

period: 19th century

maker: A. Carrier

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made: Porcelain and brass

origin: America

maker: S.O.M. co.

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maker: Pierre Errard

period: late 19th century

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Blog Post 1

Art for under five (5)

posted by Kelly    5th May 2014    , ,

Toddlers make the best art critics. They look at the world with pure awe, taking in the splashes of color, gradations of tone, and action of lines. Pure delight takes precedence. The subject of a painting or nationality of the artist does not matter to them. World-famous or not, auction house favorite or not, a child will choose the art works that have the highest appeal to the senses. The more unique, the better. One of a kind paintings keep them stimulated. Children are not afraid to take risks in art. They choose whatever captures their interest, always fascinated by the visual play of textures and contrasts. Creative intuition and spontaneity become the envy of the jaded. It's never too early to own a painting or even start a whole collection. Ask someone under 5 to choose from these amazing artworks today.

Blog Post 2

Never too late for art

posted by George    12th July 2014    ,

It is never too late to start a legacy of good taste. Perhaps a painting acquired at a special chapter in our lives will keep us going back to the importance of that moment – occasions we celebrate, people who have endeared us, or decisions we don’t regret. Memories have the uncanny capacity to outlive us. Perhaps an exemplary painting that embodies timeless elegance is the perfect way to mark important milestones. Great artists are visual storytellers. Each hue or stroke in a painting is rendered under a specific creative moment, feeling, and milieu. For however we look at paintings for whatever its worth and increasing value, the meanings we associate with these will last way after we are long gone. Beyond the prestige of starting an art collection, it is the pleasure of owning and passing on these stories that makes life more meaningful. Make it matter, own art today.

Blog Post 2

Art, because you're beautiful

posted by Shawn    14th Feb 2014    ,

Live stylishly with great art that will look fabulous on your bare walls. Pamper your self with the finest art pieces from the architects of good taste. Because beauty is a lifestyle. Being surrounded by good art is part of being fashion-forward. Or simply part of wellness - a relief from the daily grind of urban living. There is something empowering about owning art works created by the human hand and mind. Beauty is all about being in tune with your creative sensibilities. You can even change colors and styles every now and then to match the season, a special occasion, that furniture, your wardrobe, or even your mood for the day. Spice up your place with exciting, affordable art works you can easily have. Go ahead, it's therapeutic.

Nothing beats original art

posted by Fernan    10th Jan 2014    ,

Two factors are crucial for an art work's value to transcend time and trends. First, each artwork that is the only one of its kind will always be more valuable than pieces that have been reproduced by mechanical means. Because each art work is created with the finest strokes and a unique story to tell. Because the capacity to imagine keeps us human. Second, a properly authenticated work by an expert is considered a lot more important. You may never intend to part with the art work you now have but it brings great pleasure to own something of great value - it will be of even greater value five years from now. Just because you deserve it, take a minute and browse thru our unique pieces for your unique taste.

The Filipino Artist

posted by Curator    11th Jan 2014    ,

Resilience is at the heart of every Filipino artist's story. Their masterful works embody collective dreams that have endured over time. That Philippine Art continues to assert its position as the finest in Asia is partly due to the uniqueness of the Philippines - where East meets West. The visual techniques and materials brought by the country's colonial interlude were transformed into tools of empowerment. They are beautifully reworked to suit individual sensibilities. The Filipino artist is a visual poet, with the uncanny ability to paint compelling images of both the past and contemporary visions. This collection features artists who have an intimate sense of a country’s terrain while conversant with the global. The art works are for people from all walks of life and across trans-national borders. Each art work is one of a kind yet its beauty is infinite. Enjoy this rare privilege here.

Taming a difficult medium.

posted by Arte    10th Feb. 2014    ,

Water color is like a strange yet beautiful animal that cannot be tamed easily. Yet a true artist can wield line and color, shape and space, pattern and movement in their medium of choice. At times they can even command light and darkness. There are no limits to the range of subject matter they can render in water color. Precision in this medium is like a litmus test for genuine mastery. It is always inspiring to see the work of artists who are particularly exceptional in watercolor. Regardless of the individual artistic style or philosophical thought that informs the work, all the elements must fall into place. When you sense this, then we can certainly say that the painting is truly excellent. After all, you deserve only the best.

Five Tips for choosing Art

posted by Art Lover    22th Mar. 2014    ,

Paintings have never looked this delicious. As you browse our site, let us walk you through 5 helpful tips for choosing the perfect art piece that suits your taste.

One of a Kind

Imagine the prestige of owning an art work that has no other copy in this universe. All the advances in technology and automation cannot surpass the genuine expressions, and experiences of a living human being. These are embodied in the artist’s creation. You deserve the unique privilege of owning an original handmade work of art. Peruse them here today.

Visual Appeal

Do you like what you see? Good art has to appeal to your senses. Look at the visual play of colors, shapes, textures, lines, light, and shadow. Our art expert assembled beautiful pieces for your sensory feast. Enjoy them here.


A “masterpiece” is a mix of profound imagination, keen perception, and skilled hands all in one painting. A good artist is able to create exemplary works. Before, masterpieces are only housed in the great museums of our time. Today, owning a one is just a click away.

A Unique Story

Once you see an artwork that you like, do know the story that inspired its creation. Art is always located at the intersection of individual creativity and a unique culture captured in time. Each piece was created by a unique mind at a unique moment. Unearth these stories here.


You may never wish to sell or part with art works that you own. But it is exciting to know that the artist whose signature you find in a painting might be an art auction house darling five years from now. Choose only art works certified by an expert.In any case, a work of art has a particular way of speaking to you. In this site, each piece selected by our art expert has a tale to tell.

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